Our Schedule

Ubiquity Radio broadcasts primarily 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Soul, Funk and Jazz, 24 hours-7 days-365 days a year. Our extensive catalogue of music means that you will rarely hear the same record repeated within any five day period.

We are continually seeking new presenters and invite sample shows on MP3 format along with any questions to <staff@ubiquityradio.net>

To assist our global audience we always use universally recognised Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) when scheduling programmes and our current selection are listed below. In addition we will occasionally feature live broadcasts with guest DJs. These will be advertised on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.


9pm – 11pm  Jazz, Funk and Soul Show


9pm – 11pm  Souled Out Show


2pm – 4pm  Grooveline


2am – 4am  Grooveline

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